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The household appliance to make #WasteCollection

Artificial intelligence for waste segregation

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It can be integrated inside a kitchen counter leaving the space clean with no bins hanging around anymore.


The barcodes scanner recognizes the material of the item which is then funnelled in the right bin


Buttons allow also the manual selection of the correspondenting material to throw away


The display helps the end users showing messages about the material and other information such as "tomorrow plastic collection"


more versions are under developmet for schools, offices, shops and public space

Take a look at the prototype

RecycleBot is an intelligent device which aims to facilitate waste collection and recycling both at home and in public. It features a single hatch that funnels waste into the corresponding trash bin based on the material to be thrown away. Its design can be adapted to any environment by customizing shape and size for private and public spaces. In fact, RecycleBot can be used as an in-built household appliance fully integrated under the kitchen counter or in public places such as squares, schools and campuses, museums, railway stations, airports or any other location with concentrated waste production. The stylish Italian look for the exteriors will enhance the appearance of any common space, as a new design object in the city.

This so-called "smart bin" currently uses an automatic recognition system based on barcode scanning that instantly separates and sorts the different materials (glass, paper, plastic, aluminum ). In addition, RecycleBot supports other recognition systems such as Rfid, spectrometers, spectrophotometer and other sensors for fast analysis of materials.

Alternatively the user can manually select the category of the object to discard by pressing a related button on the control panel. This opens the hatch and sends the trash to the appropriate bin.

Another great advantage is its detection system to collect data in real time of the waste production, both qualitatively and quantitatively. These data can have a dual functionality: helping private users to create their grocery list and supporting the waste management company to optimize waste collection. In fact, mass use of RecycleBot would let the Municipality better track waste production and learn recycling patterns in different areas with high or low volume of recycling, optimizing the collection service. The same waste management company can manipulate the database and program remotely the devices differently from town to town to combine different materials in the same bin.

Recyclebot is wi-fi enabled through which it can simultaneously exchange data in the cloud and access national and international databases containing the association between barcodes and materials. RecycleBot features a smart self-improvement system allowing all the RecycleBots connected online to learn from each other, in fact the user can manually create new associations that are then shared online.

The device is equipped with filling sensors communicating when is time to empty each bin.

In future development RecycleBot can be equipped with a compactor to reduce the volume of waste by crushing and / or grinding.


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